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Homework (Year 5)

Welcome to the Year 5 Homework Page! 


This year we have decided to use our website for children to access their homework. We feel this is more environmentally friendly and it will ensure that we are not handling unnecessary paper. If this is a problem for you, then please inform your child’s class teacher.


Now that your child is in Upper School, we would like them to complete as much of their homework as possible independently. We have designed the homework so that your child can work at their ability, as well as giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves more if they feel that they can. The homework format will look similar each week, enabling the children to become more and more confident with it. Each week they will be expected to complete six maths questions (Maths Speedy Six) which reflect the questions that they are asked to complete every day in their Morning Maths (which is also completed independently). The purpose of these activities is to encourage a continuous recall of maths facts, which will help prepare them for Year 6, as well as building key foundation blocks. 


In addition to the maths questions, we may also ask pupils to complete a quick comprehension activity. The purpose of which is to enhance their reading skills, improve their understanding of what they have read and boost their reading stamina. We still expect pupils to read at least five times per week and to record this in their Home-School Link book, as it states in our home-school agreement. Anything above this quantity of five times will allow your child the chance to achieve a Platinum Reading Award. Due to the current circumstances that we find ourselves in, the children’s Home-School Link Books will only be checked on a Friday – please could you ensure that your child hands their book in on this day and that it has at least five reading entries, which are signed by a parent/carer. Reading is such a vital part to a child’s learning and something we actively promote at Herne. Unfortunately, if they do not have their booked signed consistently then they will lose some of their Values Time.   


Occasionally, you may find an optional Maths question for the children to complete for extra Housepoints. This will normally be a word problem or multi-step question. It is up to the children as to whether they want to complete this.  


There will also be a list of ten spellings for your child to learn. They will be guided as to which list they need to learn from their class teacher so that they are working at their level. They do not need to show evidence of having learnt their spellings but can use their Homework Books if they wish to. They will also have a Spelling Menu to choose activities from if they are looking for ideas. They will be tested on their spellings each week. If we find that they are getting consistently low scores than we will ask to see evidence of their practising.


Sometimes, we might ask for additional research tasks or projects to be completed. This may be because the research around this subject is vital in order to complete a lesson in class. Independence is one of our School Values so we try to promote this in our learning as much as possible.  


Key Information 

Homework will be set on a Friday and should be returned on the following Friday. The due in date is clearly shown on the homework. At the moment, we are avoiding handling the children’s books where possible, therefore, the children will be self-marking their homework on a Friday and the class teacher will be collecting in scores. If your child does not bring in their homework, then they may be asked to do it during a designated lunchtime or during Values Time.  

Times tables books and Home-School Link Books are also due in on Friday to be checked by the class LSA. They will be tested on their times tables each week.  

If your child is struggling to complete their homework, then please encourage them to speak to their class teacher before it is due in. Alternatively, you could contact the school office or email the class teacher.  

You support with learning at home is vital in helping them learn and make progress at school too.  


Many thanks, 

The Year 5 Team  


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