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Year 5 Home Learning

Herne Junior School has allocated two teachers to help support all the children who are having to learn at home.

Mrs Lee ( and Mrs Marlow ( are both available to help and support all the families and pupils who need them through this difficult time. They are available to discuss any aspects of work that the children may be struggling with , listen to children read, deliver CGP workbooks (if digital devices are not accessible) and help motivate our young home-learners.

Below are a list of recommended resources we suggest parents use to support their children at home. 

_____________________________GENERAL RESOURCES_______________________________

Oak Academy Daily Lessons 

Everyday 'Oak Academy' releases daily Year 5 lessons, including quizzes, videos and worksheets. These are perfect for Home-Learning. 

Click the link HERE to see what lessons are scheduled today. All the lessons will be similar to the pitch and themes to the lessons we are teaching at Herne. They include all the subjects of the Year 5 curriculum. 


Lessons from the BBC

The BBC has a vast range of excellent lessons suitable for Year 5. The maths is inline with 'White Rose' the same maths scheme that we base our teaching on at Herne. 

Click HERE and select Year 5 to discover more. The lessons include all the subjects of the Year 5 curriculum. 


Creative Home Study Project

These are home learning projects designed by Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

PROJECT 1 - Flights of Imagination (CLICK HERE)


PROJECT 3 - Get Moving (CLICK HERE)Iconic minimal flat graphics by illustrator/visual artist Andre Levy a.k.a.  Zhion. — andre levy a.k.a. zhion

The materials

• Each resource contains an overarching weekly theme and all the activities relate to this.

• There is no time limit to the activities, and they may take more than one week.

• All the activities can be adapted for different age groups, even though age recommendations are given.

________________________YEAR 5 HERNE SPECIFIC RESOURCES_____________________

We have attempted to link the below resources to the general subject areas we are covering this half-term in class. The exception to this is Literacy, which is very hard to replicate the detail we go into in the classroom, however we have found some units with similar skills taught.

MathsCommon core math GIF - Find on GIFER

Number and Place Value (current Year 5 unit September 2020) - the BBC have some good resources for this unit that we are currently covering in class. 

Maths Mastery printable workbooks (4 weeks worth 21st Sept - 16th Oct ) - Parent Guide        Learner Booklet


General LiteracySee the source image

Year 5 English Lessons - the BBC have some fantastic lessons suitable for Year 5 English.

Liteacy Mastery printable workbooks (4 weeks worth 21st Sept - 16th Oct) -      Workbook


Liteacy - Writing
See the source image

Year 5: Moondial (click here)

  • Each writing unit contains a sequence of 5 lessons to be completed in order
  • Each session should take no more than 30 mins to complete
  • Tasks are written with easy to follow instructions for parents / child 
  • Each lesson has a simple explanation and examples to get started
  • All units are based on texts that can be found online, or extracts shared within the unit

Parents, carers and siblings can help by reading the extracts/text aloud to the child; collecting interesting words and phrases on paper / post-its as they read; talking to the child about their ideas before they write.  All these instructions are within the unit aimed at parents. (HIAS English Team).


Literacy - Reading
Reading GIFs | Tenor

Year 5: A Sprinkle of Sorcery (click here)

How much and how often children read really matters. During a time of school closure, ‘just reading’ is one of the best ways to keep children learning and growing. 

Once children have mastered decoding through their phonics work, reading as much and as widely as possible will ensure that they continue to develop, not just academically, but emotionally too. And the best way to improve reading is the most enjoyable – reading! As the reading scientist Mark Seidenberg puts it, “The serious way to improve reading – how well we comprehend a text and, yes, speed and efficiency – is this: Read. As much as possible. Mostly new stuff.”

Encourage children to read stories, non-fiction and poetry .  Encourage parents to listen to their child reading aloud, even if they are in Key Stage 2. Enjoy talking about the books they read and discuss unfamiliar words. Reading aloud will help children to build their fluency, so that when they read silently the ‘voice in their head’ is fluent too.  A guide for parents to support reading fluency is given below. (HIAS English Team)



In science the children are studying 'Earth, Moon and Sun' this first half-term. (Autumn 1)Science (GIF) in 2020 | Science gif, Gif, Science

The BBC have lessons on the Earth, Moon and Sun and the Solar System. (CLICK HERE)

Oak Academy have 6 lessons focusing on Space. (CLICK HERE)


ArtArt Artist Sticker by smelleigh for iOS & Android | GIPHY

Draw alongside an author. (click here)

This link gives YouTube clips of authors and illustrators drawing characters from well known books.  Why not get children to draw alongside Benji Davies or Mini Grey?



The theme this term is 'Our Earth in Space'. (Autumn )Space GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Oak Academy have 6 Space lessons for your to explore. (Click Here) 



FrenchGlitter Graphics: the community for graphics enthusiasts!

In French this term the children are learning about 'Days and Weeks'. (Autumn)

Mr Innes is a fantastic French teacher with a channel on youtube. Watch his days of the week video here.  (CLICK HERE)


Computing Amongst the multitude of Computing courses, the BSc (Hons) Computing  (Information Management) has been … in 2020 | Powerpoint animation,  Animated clipart, Sculpture lessons

Year 5 are looking at databases and spreadsheets this term. (Autumn)

Oak Academy have a unit dedicated to spreadsheets. (CLICK HERE)


Optional Summer Activities

Bragging camp GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

Well done, you've made it! It's the summer holidays, a time for fun adventures and relaxing in the sun! (Don't forget your sun hats!)

But we know it can also feel like a long time off, especially as many of you have been home for a very long time already.

So we thought in order to help you get through the holidays we would provide a selection of activity booklets and ideas to keep you busy and keep that mind sharp, ready for September.

These are completely optional :)

Screen Free


No Computer widescreen monitor sign icon Vector Image



Doodle Maths

Education City

 TT Rockstars

Hit the Button



Mastery Booklets


Maths 1

Maths 2

Anxiety stopped me from reading a book for over a decade | Metro News

Maths Activities &


Summer Themed



Mystery Maths




Calculate Episode 18 GIF by The Simpsons - Find & Share on GIPHY

English  Activities &


Summer themed



SPAG mystery



Writing Back To School GIF - Writing BackToSchool Busy - Discover ...

Topic Ideas

Ice lolly recipe

Art ideas

Ocean activity

(3 levels)



Art Artist Sticker by smelleigh for iOS & Android | GIPHY

General Resources, Additional Activities and Links

Old Weekly Timetables

Week Commencing 23rd March

Week Commencing 30th March 

Week Commencing 20th April 

Week Commencing 27th April 

Week Commencing 4th May

Week Commencing 11th May

Week Commencing 18th May

Week Commencing 1st June

Week Commencing 8th June

Week Commencing 15th June

Week Commencing 22nd June

Week Commencing 29th June

Week Commencing 6th July

Week Commencing 13th July

Growing and Changing


Powerpoint Part 1

Powerpoint Part 2

Easter Activities

Look at our Volcano Art project. We would love to see the results so please upload them to J2E or e-mail your teacher. It will be a competition!

Join in with the rainbow fun. Again please send us your pictures!

How about having a go at our Bake Off challenge.

Try some relaxing Mindfulness Bingo

Easter finger print art - how about making a card?

Here are some extra links for some Easter activities.

Activity Village

Woven Paper Egg

Hanging Egg Decoration


Help videos for our calculation methods           

Subtraction, Long multiplication, Short division

DoodleMaths - If you have a login the website can be found here.

Carol Vorderman has made access to her site The Maths Factor free during the school closure.


David Walliams is releasing a free audiobook everyday at 11am. The link is on his main page here. The activities has lots of resources too. Well worth a look.

If you run out things to read check out the free ebooks here.

Audible have released free audio books for children whilst the schools are closed. No login needed.

Access free ebooks at eplatform by Wheelers (connecting to our school library service) Children can sign in using the same log-in as Education City  

General Apps

Education City - Lots of general Maths, English, Science and Computing activities as well as Play Live facility to compete against friends.

J2E - Spelling and Times tables games. There are also simple animation, paint and writing apps within the JIT tab.

Other ideas

Joe Wicks is giving a daily PE lesson at 9. He also has lots of short workouts that can be accessed at any time. This is his channel.

Try some Yoga                                                                                                   

Follow the Hampshire School Games Organisers who have set up daily challenges for the children to participate in.

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search Hampshire SGO's


Contacting Teachers


Whilst we further investigate platforms for sharing pupils' work, we'd like to open up out teacher emails.  This is an optional way that parents can send over examples of the work that their child has completed over the week.  Please use the emails no more than once a week, but we would love to see what our classes have been working on and we hope this will motivate learners also.  The children are welcome to put in their own message, however we ask that the email comes from the parent for safeguarding reasons.  Any shared work may be added to our Home Learning Gallery (click here for examples that have been uploaded already)





We are continuing to make the homework(ready for next year!) and will upload it here every week. It could be a useful extra resource.

Homework, Reading

Special support sheet  Support Reading



General Booklet


Practical ideas