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Year 4 Home Learning

The following Year 4 tasks are designed to be completed in the child's new home learning draft book, plain paper or they can be computer documents. Please keep records of any work completed, as we would like your child to bring in any finished work (to show their teacher) on their return to school. If you child has forgotten any login details, please email our ICT Technician Lynne Tandy:

Don't forget to keep up the daily reading! 

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   Scroll down to "other helpful resources"  for information on this year RSPB challenge.

*When working on J2E can children please press      or             to SAVE their work, remember to rename it your name.

Week Commencing 30th March 2020   


Monday 30th Tuesday 31st Wednesday 1st  Thursday 2nd  Friday 3rd

Morning Work

Let's Work out!

Morning Work

Let's Work out!

Morning Work

Let's Work out!

Morning Work

Let's Work out!

Morning Work

Let's Work out!


Using the

Target your Maths

booklet, complete

Rounding page 10.

(Click the picture!)

Choose column A, B or C to complete.

Try to challenge yourself!


If the digit before is 1,2,3,4, then the digit you are  rounding to stays the same

If the digit before is 5,6,7,8,9 then the digit you are rounding to goes up to the next number, e.g

round 346 to the nearest 10


The 4 is in the 10s column so this is the number we will focus on. 

The number before the 4 is the number that will decide if we round up or if it stays the same.

The number before is 6

6 rounds up.

So our 10s number 4 goes to the next number 5.

Making the rounded number 350.


Play a times table game on education city or hit the button.

Complete the next page of your times table grid.

Challenge yourself to see how many you can do in 10 minutes!



























Using the

Target your Maths booklet, complete

written method for multiplication page 48.

Choose either column A, B or C to complete.

Try to challenge yourself!

Make sure you answer the questions using column method!




Image result for multiplication gif


















Click on this link and try to solve this maths investigation,

 or complete pages 4 & 5 of your Maths Activity booklet.

You can also have a go at this Factors game!



"Factor Rainbows"

factor is a number that divides into

another number exactly and without leaving a remainder. Most numbers 

have an even number

 of factors; however, a square number has an odd number of factors. A prime number has only two factors - the number itself and 1.











Complete page 6 & 7 of your Maths Activity booklet.

Remember on page 7 to use the fraction wall to help you.

Click here for an interactive fraction wall.


For a recap on equivalent fractions click here :)
























This book is a retelling of the true story of Tom Bawcock, which is commemorated every December, in the village of Mousehole, Cornwall.

(Click the picture for the first part of the story)

Either on J2E (shared files Monday literacy) or in in your exercise book, generate a word bank to help you write a description tomorrow.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Around this picture

 list the nouns, adjectives and any CAPE sentence starters you think would be appropriate.

Remember to use powerful vocabulary!




Using your word bank from yesterday write a detailed description of this picture.

Remember to include:

  • CAPE sentence starters. (Don't forget E stands for 'ed' verbs)
  • Powerful Vocabulary.
  • Effective Verbs! (Try to use more interesting verbs, not just walk, look etc).
















Read the next few pages of the story by clicking this link.

Read up to "Mowzer was very partial to a plate of fresh fish"

Today you will write sentences about this picture using fronted adverbials as your sentence starters.

Use J2E or your exercise book to write in.


Try to use a range of sentence types.

Click the picture for a definition of the 3 main sentence types!


(Click on this picture to enlarge)


Using this extract from the story draw a picture of what you think the storm would look like.

Then around the outside of the picture note down the descriptive phrases from the text which describe the storm.

Think about:

What ype of figurative language does the description use?















Write up the events of the Easter Story.

You could do this in the form of a comic strip with pictures and sentences or write it up as a story.


Click here for comic book template.

Alternatively, you can write it up and draw pictures in your school exercise book.

Click here for a video about the Easter Story,

or here for a simple Power Point on the Easter Story.


Also, think about...

How do people celebrate Easter today?

What traditions do people carry out?






Afternoon Work

Complete the next column of week 12 of your spelling booklet, one activity and one line of minute maths.



Image result for sound

Following on from the last lesson, download this worksheet and answer the questions and carry out the activities about how sound is made and how it travels.


Extra Activity for curious minds!

Image result for storm in a cup gif

Click this link to create your own storm in a teacup

Afternoon Work

Complete the next column of week 12 of your spelling booklet, one activity and one line of minute maths.


Image result for anderson shelter gif

Research, design and create an  Anderson shelter.

This can be a “blueprint” style design on paper or you can create a model of an Anderson Shelter.

You can work on this for the next several weeks.


Alternatively, you can carry on with your WW2 fact file!

See the “Other Helpful Resources” section below for links!



Afternoon Work

Complete the next column of week 12 of your spelling booklet, one activity and one line of minute maths.



Image result for french gif

Carry on from last week. Learn about the parts of the body. Watch this link to learn the parts of the face.


Additionally, you can complete page 3 of your booklet.

Try to remember the key body parts from last week.







Afternoon Work

Complete the next column of week 12 of your spelling booklet, one activity and one line of minute maths.




On J2E

Click on J2Code

Click on year 3 / 4 lesson plans.

Complete lesson 1 – create a simple animation where the “Sprite” (the character) can speak, click on the link above for video tutorial.



Afternoon Work

Complete the Spring Crossword (page 5) of your English Activity Booklet!



Design and make an Easter or Spring card for someone special.

(Click on the picture for creative ideas)

You can use any resources you have to hand or you could try to create one on the computer.


Image result for craft gif





Fun Easter Activity Ideas

Below is a list of fun activities you can have a go at over the Easter Break!

Easter eggs GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

You can dip in and out of them as you wish.

Stay Home & Stay Safe.

Bake something delicious. Remember to ask permission first.

I <3 Baking | Funny, cute & nerdy shirts - TeeTurtle

Stay up late one night and look at the sky out of a window or in your garden. What can you see, hear, smell? Ask permission first.

Complete a puzzle or create your own puzzle!

Take joy in creating some art or doing a craft activity.

If you can you could create a picture from items in your garden.

Play a board game with your carers/family.

Or, create your own board game.

Board games clipart Awesome board game clipart » Clipart Station

Read a book or magazine.
Talk to someone about what you learnt or found out.

Close your eyes and think of one of your favourite memories. Spend time thinking about this memory. Why is it so special? Why don’t you share it with someone special?

Memories Banner Stock Illustrations – 1,893 Memories Banner Stock ...

Pick an area of the house (not your bedroom) that you could give a ‘spring clean’. Ask your parents/carers for permission first. Could you come up with a new ball game?

Try playing it with someone you live with.

23+ Ball Games Clipart - Clip Art Library

Give yourself a tight hug, do this for 10 seconds.  Now give someone in your house a tight hug. Do this for 10 seconds.
Have a bubble bath. Blow the bubbles and watch them gently float. Listen to the water running. Can you see any shapes or patterns forming in the bubbles? Complete a nature survey around the garden, if you have one, or open your window and see what wildlife you can spot.  

Jump up and down then relax with your hand on your heart. Feel your heartbeat. Listen to your breath.

Frog jump GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Watch a movie
(or have a movie marathon)!
Play a card game with someone in your household. Can you learn a new card game?
If you have Internet access visit the wildlife trusts’ website and look at their ‘Stuck at Home?’ activities section.
How to make a bird feeder activity sheet

(If not, can you create a butterfly painting).

Balance on one foot while keeping your gaze on something else. How long can you hold your balance?

Then try on the other foot.


Winnie The Pooh Exercise GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHYComplete a short exercise routine on your own or with someone in your house.




Dedicate 15 minutes to listening, and singing if you like, to your favourite songs or musicians.




Can you learn a poem off by heart? Can your parents/carers help you?

Could you perform it to them?

24 Ways to Teach and Learn About Poetry With The New York Times ...



Other Helpful Resources and links to answers 


Home-Learning  Pack  Booklet                                           Answers (for parents)


Take the opportunity sign-up and use these amazing reading library resources (a number of free audio and e-books available). 


ePlatform by Wheelers (connecting to our school library service) Children can sign in using the same log-in as Education City 



Try Yoga - there are free videos to access on Youtube.

Pinterest - search for Zentangles or other art projects; they are an excellent way to relax.


Joe Wicks is making daily live videos at 9am to keep children fit and healthy whilst in isolation.  Link to his YouTube page here

Follow the Hampshire School Games Organisers who has set up daily challenges for the children to participate in.

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search Hampshire SGO's

You are invited to edit the following document:

Physical Challenge Week One



Other useful websites:               

Dance! With Darcy Bussel


gym running GIF by joeyahlbum


Recommended APPS & websites

Your child has a free account for this site; it  has many games, videos and exercises to work through.

Doodlemaths website or APP (see school newsletter for details).  We will add content to the APP as extras, and monitor pupil progress through this.

BBC Revisewise is a great website, featuring all subject areas




STEM activities

Practise your timestables by playing the HIT THE BUTTON game. 

Image result for rspb

Take part in this years RSPB challenge for families. Click below for more information

Image result for bird gif



Gareth Metcalfe (Mrs Tigwell's maths hero) is completing daily maths videos - link here

Maths with Carol Vorderman 

English English with David Walliams

Write a detailed instructions booklet about how to clean your teeth (use all the information you have learnt in science over the last half-term). Below are some resources to help.


Create a WW2 factfile. They can present their information however they please (poster, information page, fact sheet, power point etc.) on a sheet of paper or on the computer. The below link will help with facts. 


History with Dan Snow - (free for 30 days)

Image result for duckster gif



 Cook with Jamie Oliver -

Image result for muppet cooking gif


This week's homework is ready. Please click here for spellings and here for times table practice.

This can be done for afternoon work.  

Image result for homework gif


Below is a list of the year 4 Class Teacher's email addresses so you can send photos or any messages about your child's home learning to their class teacher. Please can you not use the emails more than once a week.

We all miss our classes very much and would love to see what they have been getting up to over the last couple of weeks.

Please remember messages should be directed parent to teacher.



(just for the next 2 weeks before baby arrives)