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Year 3 Home Learning

The following Year 3 tasks are designed to be completed in the child's new home learning draft book, plain paper or they can be computer documents. Please keep records of any work completed, as we would like your child to bring in any finished work (to show their teacher) on their return to school. If you child has forgotten any login details, please email our ICT Technician Lynne Tandy: L.TANDY@HERNEJUNIOR.COM 

Don't forget to keep up the daily reading! 


Week Commencing 13th July 2020 


Monday 13th Tuesday 14th Wednesday 15th Thursday 16th Friday 17th

Morning Work

Morning Work

Morning Work

Morning Work

Morning Work

Your Topic!

Free Will and the Power of Choice - Everyday Resilience for ...

This week we thought we would mix things up a bit! It can be really hard to keep motivated when you have been away from school for so long and every day brings us closer to the summer holidays. We wanted to think of a way to help you keep going, just a little longer and we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could choose your own topic to focus on this week! So, for this week’s activities we have provided suggestions on how you can present your work and things to focus on within your chosen topic, but it really is a topic of your own choosing!

It could be ANYTHING! Absolutely anything you are really interested in. It could be….

Trains               Football or any other sport               Formula One                     Something from history or the future

A game (yes, even Minecraft!)           Pirates                A hobby          A creature (Real or Imaginary)

A famous person               Technology            Planes          A film          A book

We could go on; the options are endless! Just remember to choose something that will really motivate and inspire you!,


Suspicious Thinking GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants - Find & Share on ...

Choose your topic. Remember to think very carefully about what you want it to be, as you are going to be learning about it all week.

Mind Map

Create a mind map about your topic.

Click  here for examples.

Place your “focus” or “heading” in the middle of the page and around the outside, write down as many facts as you can about your topic.


Make it eye-catching, include pictures and diagrams.


Why Writers Like You Need To Know Their Key Event From Their First ...

Today we would like you to pick a key event from your chosen topic.

It could be an important day, match or race, a key moment in a story, an invention, a key battle etc.

Create a detailed drawing all about this key event or moment!

Then around the outside generate as many words as you can that describe the event.

Remember to include:

  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Feelings
  • Technical words (words specifically related to the topic.)


Face the Coaching FACTS

Now you know what you topic is about today we want you to pick one aspect from it.

It could be a person, a place or a thing and create a fact sheet or poster all about that one focus!

Remember to include:

  • Heading
  • Introduction
  • Paragraphs with subheadings
  • Pictures
  • Diagrams
  • Fact boxes

Click here for a blank template.

Click here for a biography style template, (good if you are focusing on a person.)


Season 3 bart simpson episode 4 GIF - Find on GIFER

Today we would like you to write some sentences about your topic.

Choose no more than 3 different aspects of your topic.

Minimum – write 5 sentences about your topic.

Maximum – write 3 paragraphs about your topic (Each paragraph about 1 aspect of your topic.)


Include the vocabulary you generated the other day, (Tuesday).


Titanic Projects KS2 | Gillibrand Primary School

Today you can present everything you have learnt about your topic in one of these ways.

An informative leaflet, click here for a template.

A power point

A poster

A paragraph.



Additionally, this week we would like you to think back over your memories of year 3 and produce an important piece of writing for you ROA (Record of Achievement), which will help you remember what happened in 2019-2020.

Here is an overview of our activities from Autumn & Spring Term.

Here is a  template.

Write about:

The activities you took part in.

What you enjoyed & why?

The work you most enjoyed, are proud of & why?

Your experience of lockdown, what was it like for you? What did you do? What were your feelings & why?

What you will miss & what you look forward to next year.

Try to structure this piece of writing into 3 paragraphs, Autumn Term, Spring Term & Summer Term (Lockdown).

We will collect these pieces of writing in and place them in your ROA, which you will keep with you on your journey through Herne.

You have until the end of term to complete this.


Place Value

You will need a dice (have a hunt through your board games!)

Click the dice for an interactive dice.

Dice Arxmaro Sticker for iOS & Android | GIPHY

In your book divide it into 3 sections H T O

Then roll the dice – whatever the dice rolls, you must decide where to place the number, in the H, the T or the O column.

Repeat for the next two columns. Placing one digit at a time.

You can not change your mind! 

Your goal is to make the largest number possible.

Repeat this several times.

Then try to make the smallest number.


Why not add a Thousands column! You now have 4 places to choose to put what the dice says.

Or, have a look on BBC Bitesize lessons.

Or, go on Doodle Maths, Education City, TT Rockstars or Hit the Button.


Operation Mathematics Number Puissance d\'un nombre Calculation ...


Choose one of  these these investigations to complete.


Drawing it out and showing your workings will really help.

Also, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

Smiley Face Wink GIF by Namon's Notes - Find & Share on GIPHY


Or, have a look on BBC Bitesize lessons.

Or, go on Doodle Maths, Education City, TT Rockstars or Hit the Button.


David Pearce on Twitter: "@nrichmaths one of my P7 pupils enjoyed ...

Bryony’s Triangle


Click here to make Bryony’s flower out of paper.

Then think about the question, "what fraction of the paper is the shaded triangle?"

Click here for ways to support your child.

Click here for the solution.


Or, complete page 39 from the Target Your Maths booklet, multiplication facts review. (Y4 booklet- Y3 are welcome to complete this too or choose any page in either of our booklets that you have not yet completed)

Remember if the question is division e.g. 16 ÷ 4 =

Say "How many 4's are in 16" and use your fingers to count. However many fingers you have up, that is the answer.

Answers (page 8)


Baby Groot GIFs | Tenor

Outdoors investigations!

Click here a selection of fun maths activities. These will involve you hunting around your garden, park or local walk.


Here is the tree identification sheet to use as a guide.


Here is a reminder on how to make a bar chart.

Or, have a look on BBC Bitesize lessons.

Or, go on Doodle Maths, Education City, TT Rockstars or Hit the Button.


Illustration Of A Smiley Mascot Holding A Pencil, Answering Math ...

Complete one of these differentiated times tables colour by number. Try to challenge yourself!


Or, complete page 33 from the Target Your Maths booklet, multiplication facts for 6. (Y4 booklet- Y3 are welcome to complete this too or choose any page in either of our booklets that you have not yet completed)

Remember if the question is division e.g. 18 ÷ 6 =

Say "How many 6's are in 18" and use your fingers to count. However many fingers you have up, that is the answer.

Answers (page 7)




Mindfulness Moment Mindfulness Moment Mindfulness Moment Mindfulness Moment Mindfulness Moment


Artist Brings His Funny Kids' Drawings to Life with Hilarious ...

Choose an aspect from you chosen topic and create a piece of art work about it.

It could be a




Picture made out of things from the garden.

A sculpture or model


A diorama


With your topic in mind.

Find out about how an aspect of your topic works.

THE WAY THINGS WORK - 26x13' - Hungarian - THE WAY THINGS ...

For example if it is trains – you could look at the engine.

How a steam locomotive works | Trains Magazine

Animals – look at their skeleton.

HoofNotes Infographic | Equine Anatomy [Part 1] – The Eloquent Equine

Football – football boots.

Soccer Cleats: Everything you need to know - A Soccer Player's ...

A film –a animatronic character.

Basilisk animatronic used in movie. They should have put a chamber ...

Then either – draw a diagram and label how it works, or have a go making your own.

Home Economics

It’s nearly the summer holidays!

Spring Cleaning Guide to Finishing Dramas - MyDramaList

Let’s do a summer clean! It’s like a spring clean but it gets you ready for summer!

Check that your bedroom is clean and tidy!

Help with dinner! (“Yes please!” I hear the adults say!)

Don’t forget to wash up and tidy up after dinner!

Can you help vacuum or dusk?

Ask the adult in charge what they would like you to do!



Explore this website and create your own "WordArt" all about your chosen topic!

Remember to include as much vocabulary as you can!



With your project in mind. Is there any music or songs that relate to it?

Snoopy Music GIF - Snoopy Music WhenJamComesOn - Discover & Share ...

Find out about any music associated with your topic and present it in any way you like.

It could be that you learn a song!


Or, if they don’t have any music. What sounds are associated with it. Why do they make the sounds? Why are they important? What do they mean?




Free Thinking Animated Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...

Think about your topic for the week.

Why is it special to you?

How does it make you feel?

What would you like to do with this topic as you get older?

Complete this reflection sheet.


Additionally, look at this power point about "Making Good Decisions"

Resource 1

Resource 2


Useful links and resources to support your children with their home learning 

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Take the opportunity sign-up and use these amazing reading library resources (a number of free audio and e-books available). 


ePlatform by Wheelers (connecting to our school library service) Children can sign in using the same log-in as Education City 


David Walliams - free activities and audio book readings

Oxford Owl - free e-book library with links to book band level books.


Visit The Body Coach YouTube page for daily live workouts at 9am to keep your children fit and healthy. 

Follow the Hampshire School Games Organisers who has set up daily challenges for the children to participate in.

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search Hampshire SGO's

Other useful websites:               



Education City

TT Rockstars

Maths 4 Kids - great videos to show methods and strategies 

The Maths Factor - useful videos by Carol Vorderman

  White Rose Maths Fractions (teaching videos, activities and answers for each day) 4 weeks available

Useful links

Maths on Target booklet

Maths on Target booklet 2

Afternoon Work Spelling booklet

(VARIETY OF SUBJECTS - Printing recommended) Home-Linking Booklet.

Booklet                                            Answers (for parents)


Virtual Museum tours

History with Dan Snow - free for 30 days

Boredom Busters

Easy Origami for kids

Science - Cosmic Shambles

Cook with Theo- cooking for kids                                       

Cook with Jamie Oliver

Image result for chef cooking animated gif

Geography with Steve Backshall

Easter Activities




Whilst we further investigate platforms for sharing pupils' work, we'd like to open up out teacher emails.  This is an optional way that parents can send over examples of the work that their child has completed over the week.  Please use the emails no more than once a week, but we would love to see what our classes have been working on and we hope this will motivate learners also.  The children are welcome to put in their own message, however we ask that the email comes from the parent for safeguarding reasons.  Any shared work may be added to our Home Learning Gallery (click here for examples that have been uploaded already)

Teachers in Year 3 who are already using Class Dojo are happy for you to continue using this as a form of communication. Please remember teacher's do not have to use Dojo, so if your class does not use it already, please do not ask for it to be set up. Thank you.




Please note the change of email address for Oak class. All communication should now be address to Miss Stanley via email, not Class Dojo. Thank you.