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Our Values/Harmony


The concept of 'HARMONY' is a very important part of life at Herne. HARMONY combines our Values (see above), RRR (Rights, Respects and Responsibilities), Politeness and Manners (formerly known as STEP) and Anti-bullying. 

Please watch our latest Harmony film below (use Google Chrome to view the films). Harmony week 9 did not have a film but a special inflatables experience for all the children.

“Knowing Every Child” highlights our mission to get to know each and every child in our ever-expanding school which has seen our school grow from 370 children in 2012 to 480 children in 2019; a 30% increase in under a decade, equating to nearly four extra classes across the school.


“Inspiring Every Mind” underpins our aspiration to provide great lessons and memorable experiences for our children during a crucial period of learning which lays the foundations for their later lives. This requires fantastic teaching at every level and includes the robust leadership of adults in the school to achieve this aim.


“Achieving Every Day” our ambition that each and every child (and adult) can look back at their day, month, year and time at Herne and feel confident that their time here has led to a sense that they have achieved something they can be proud of.  This could be academic achievement or pastoral achievement, but either way, it would be something we can recognise and celebrate when appropriate.



(Released 21st June 2022)

To watch it in full screen, click the top right-hand 'pop-out' box. Then click 'play', this reveals the cog wheel at the bottom - click the cog wheel and up the quality to 1080P (otherwise it will be fuzzy).

If the Google Drive link is not working, you can also watch the film here as a private youtube file by clicking HERE.  Click the cog wheel and up the quality to 1080P for best quality viewing.