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Homework (Year 3)


Year 3 homework will be set every Tuesday, and is expected to be completed by the following Monday. Children will be asked to complete a spelling activity via Spelling Shed and  times tables practise via Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS).  Please see below for links to websites.

Any incomplete homework will need to be completed during the children’s values time on a Friday afternoon.

Please note that there is a Spelling Shed App available which we would recommend downloading, however, there is a small purchase fee. If you do not wish to download this app, Spelling Shed homework can be accessed via the Internet.

Children are also expected to be reading at least 5 times per week too. This is to be recorded in the home-link books, dated, commented and signed by an adult. Both Rapid Reading and other methods of reading are to be recorded this way. Home-link books are to be brought in every Friday to be checked. Again, children who have not achieved this will be required to read during their values time.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email your class teacher. If you are having problems accessing the online homework, please contact your class teacher by the Friday of each week for support.


Thank you.

Homework Help Guide (Please click image to view full document)

The following document is a guide to support parents and children with understanding the completion of weekly homework for TTRS and Spelling Shed. It also includes images on how to see how much homework has been completed that week.

Weekly Garage sessions on TTRS are set to auto-training which focusses on rapid recall. When children are able to answer questions in 6 seconds or less, TTRS will move them on to the next times tables (preparing the children for the Statutory Year 4 Times Tables Check). Once all 10 Garage sessions are completed, other aspects of TTRS will  open up to use. When unlocked, please use Studio as a tool of accessing all of the times tables for practise. This will also enable the children to get their names onto our Class TTRS Leader board (starting with 'Gigger'). 

Please note that there has been a sight increase with the children's TTRS homework. In addition to the 10 Garage sessions, children are now also expected to complete the 5 Studio sessions set each week. We are aware that some children are finding it hard to move on in Garage as, despite knowing their times tables, they aren't able to get them down quick enough. Therefore, Studio will expose the children to ALL times tables, regardless of their auto-training level in Garage. 

We know that children are likely to find Studio tricky at first, but perseverance and determination will help the children to improve. After all, practise makes progress. 


Website links: (please click each link for access)


           TTRS                                              Spelling Shed                                        Rapid Reading



Below are some suggestions of how you could practise your homework spellings each week. Please note that is in addition to Spelling Shed and is not compulsory.

Spelling practise:

Suggestions of how to apply the spellings to show an understanding of their meaning: