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Year 6 - Maths Homework week 9

The following homework has been set on Thursday 14th November and is due on Tuesday 19th November.  Please complete the questions in your homework book.  


In maths, we have been looking at different aspects of fractions.  For homework, we would like the children to add fractions with different denominators. The children should write the question in their book, followed by finding the common denominator and then writing the answer (the children have been shown this method). 


Week 9 class homework

Additionally, this week's class homework is designed to develop the children's reading comprehension skills. Your child has been told which of the comprehensions they need to read and complete the answers for. The children need to write their answers in their homework books. 


If there are any issues with completing the homework, please get your child to talk to their teacher on Friday or Monday when we will be happy to assist them.