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Year 6 Spring Term 1

Handed out: Thursdays

Due in: Tuesdays


As we head further into year 6, it is increasingly important that children should complete homework with greater independence.  Therefore, we are expecting all children to try to complete the homework by themselves, using the year 6 maths prompt sheet as necessary (this is available in the year 6 maths area of the school website).  The purpose of these activities is to encourage a continuous recall of maths facts which will prepare them for their SATs.  Pupils are asked to answer similar questions as their morning maths (which is completed independently every morning in class).  In light of this growing independence, we shall no longer be providing a ‘Homework Club’.


In addition to maths, we will also be asking pupils to complete regular comprehension activities the purpose of which is to enhance reading skills as well as boosting their reading stamina (they have a considerable amount of text to read within a short time in the SATs – 2000 last year compared to 1500 in prior years). We still expect pupils to read at least five times per week for a minimum of 10 minutes as per the home-school agreement.  Anything above this quantity of five times will allow your child the chance to qualify for the platinum reading treats so please ensure that your child has their home link book signed by a parent/carer. We are really trying to stress to all of the children the importance of reading; therefore, if they do not have their book signed consistently they will lose some of their values time.


Homework will continue to be handed out on a Thursday and returned on the Tuesday.  If your child is struggling to complete their homework, they must see their teacher or LSA before the Tuesday hand-in date (Friday or Monday).  As mentioned above, please use the prompt sheet to support your child in maths which is available on the school website under curriculum/maths guidance/year 6.