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Reminder: Don't forget new collection and drop-off windows. 8.25 - 8.40 and 3.25 - 3.40

ROADMAP Changes for After Half-Term

Dropping-Off & Collection Windows:  Drop-off time will move to 8.25am through to 8.40am, maintaining a 15-minute window, bringing the school day nearer to our usual start times.   Collection will move to the later times of 3.25pm to 3.40pm, thereby continuing to extend the school day. All Year 6 children will leave at 3.30pm and will be expected to walk from their classes to a meeting point with their parents within the grounds (or beyond, where permission is granted by those parents), but this will not be at the back of the Year 6 classrooms, as we need to deploy staff elsewhere at this point.

Morning Breaktimes:  From Monday 14th June, we are going to allow the children to play outside in the larger Year Group Bubbles, so they will be able to link up with friends across their year group that are not in their current class.  We will maintain Class Bubbles at lunchtimes for now, but will monitor closely if we can do this for all of their breaktimes in the school day.