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Sporting Blog

This is our Sporting Blog for 2016-17. The reviews are written by the children.


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  • Gymnastics Club

    Published 19/12/17, by Peter castle

    See some videos of our wonderful Gymnastic's Club.



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  • Interhouse Netball Final - 07/02/2017

    Published 01/03/17, by Peter castle

    On Tuesday the 7th of February the girls netball team had their final which were Meon and Rother                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              house. With all the houses which had two matches to get the final results .It was an outstanding 12 to ROTHER house (yay).But an unfortunate 0 to Meon but well done anyway. At the beginning we were doing our best, however we struggled to score out first few goals . But then a miracle happened by half time, we managed an amazing 7 goals. After half time we swapped ends. Also we swapped a few players around .Our players were me Olivia Heap their captain , Mae Brolly ,Alexi Westaway , Lucy Samspson , Jess RW , Jemma Green ,Isobel Sales and Lauren S (Year 5). As we were playing again we were scoring goals one at a time and picking up the pace quite quickly but still scoring goals bit by bit .Then we came to 10 goals but Meon didn’t give up ,  they played very strong and knew if they lost they would be happy that they still got into the final. Then as we carried on playing we decided to carry on doing our best but, we tried to give Meon a chance to score . However they did have the ball up there end but they but they unfortunately  they did not score. But they did have a few chances. Later on we did manage to score a goal which lead us up to 11 goals J. So we were struggling to score another goal but we knew we could do it. We kept on trying but we didn’t want to give up because we knew we could try and score another few goals so we came up with a plan,  we tried to get round them and catch the ball when Meon were trying to pass to their team mates. Which took us then to a lot of hard work then we knew, we could try and score another few goals. We were trying to beat out last 14 goals but there was not a lot of time left. After we got the ball our way we got closer to the shooting circle. And then there was the FINAL remaining minute and that’s when Mae passed the ball to Alexi and then ,Alexi made the final pass to me Olivia and that’s when we knew we had won when Olivia scored that last goal ,the last remaining minute. WE HAD WON THE INTERHOUSE NETBALL .Thanks to all of your netball plays you all did very well.Also well Meon Heath and Butser you all played very well !


                               Written by Olivia heap and Alexi Westaway!  J


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  • Hampshire Cup Football

    Published 31/01/17, by Peter castle

    Wednesday 25th January 2017  


    The girls played an amazing game of football on Wednesday 25th January. We won 11-0 against St Bedes ! Wow! The players were Grace (captain), Kat (vice-captain), Zahra, Erin, Honey, Holly, Daisy, Anya and Hattie. Well done! We started the game by scoring 2 goals in 1:30 seconds! By half time we were winning 4-0 and by the end of the game we had scored 7 more goals! We would like to thank the supporter’s and Mr Choularten for refereeing.

    By Grace and Kat

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  • Interhouse Football Final - November 2016

    Published 16/11/16, by Peter castle

    Heath are crowned Interhouse Football Champions.

    On Tuesday the 15th November, Heath stole the show with their amazing skills in football. In a close match between Rother and Heath house they competed against each other to win the ultimate prize, a trophy that would make their house proud. Heath and Rother both got into the finals with their excellent performances, and as the crowd got exited Dan Marshall took an amazing shot however didn’t manage to score against Charlie Dyer who saved it perfectly. Then, Jamie Tickner scored the opener for Rother, with a well taken shot. As the match went on there was no time to waste as there was only five minutes left then within 20 seconds left of the game Holly Mitchell made a fantastic recovery for Heath. Then Dan passed to Ed and passed to Holly and she ran with the ball, making an successful score against Rother. The crowd went wild as the match had ended they called out for penalty’s and each house had 3 penalty’s. Dan did himself proud, he scored the final goal for Heath house and lead them to victory. Congratulations Heath for winning the Interhouse finals and well done to all the other houses that took part, you played AMAZING.

    By Holly Mitchell, Daisy Kent-Houghton and Ruby Williams

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  • Hampshire Cup 2nd Round - November 2016

    Published 10/11/16, by Admin

    Monday 7th November 2016

    The girls football team travelled 1 hour and 15 minutes to Andover, so they could play Portway. It was close in the first half, but they took victory home by winning an incredible 4-0!  The goals were scored by Daisy and Honey ( 2 each ). Now the girls are in the quarter finals of the Hampshire Cup! Many thanks to Mr Jarrett for supporting the team. The people who played were Grace, Kat, Holly, Daisy, Anya, Hattie, Honey, Erin and Zhara. A big  congratulations to all of you, its well deserved.

    Written By Grace Jarrett and Katarina Jooste ;)

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